Essay: an Apple a Day Keeps a Doctor Away.

Topics: Dog, Old age, Middle age Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: November 25, 2010
A Pet a Day Keep the Doctor Away!

A. Attention-Getter:
They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but how much better would you feel if the apple was being presented to you by a cute dog or cat? B. Tie to the audience in this persuasive speech topics outline: If someone that you care about is dealing with encroaching old age, spending some time with an undemanding, loving animal can be something that is important for you in more ways than one. C. Personal experience:

For example, my granddad was in dire straits after my granny died. After thirtyfive years together, he didn't know what to do with himself until he ended up adopting an older Labrador Retriever. The change was immense, and suddenly we had a familyman who was interested in the world around him and reaching out again. The change was amazing! D. Thesis Sentence of this persuasive speech topics outline: Pets make an impressive positive change in the mental and physical health, and if you are concerned with the issue personally, consider the health benefit potentials for a beloved older person in your life. E. Preview of the main points of this persuasive speech topics outline: First, I will discuss the ways an animal is capable of making an elder person feel connected to the world at large. Then, I will show how the company of a loving cat or a dog makes the difference in a person's mental and physical outlook. And then, I'll tell you what to keep in mind when you are considering what pet might be appropriate for someone in your family.

Transition sentence of persuasive speech topics outline: As people get older, there is very much a concern of not being needed.

A human-companion animal is capable of making the elderly feel connected to the world at large. 1. Elderly people who have had their adult children leave home and who have lost spouses often find that it is...
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