Essay About the Types of Programs Available to Parents in the Low Socio-Economic Bracket.

Topics: Sociology, Family, Trinidad and Tobago Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Essay about the types of programs available to parents in the Low Socio-economic bracket.

In today’s society, there are people who are affluent, people who are well-off and people who are poor. The affluent and the well-off are usually held in high regard while the poor are looked at with disdain. They poor are those people who are in the Low Socio-economic Status bracket. They sometimes cannot afford the basic necessities to sustain their lives. In Trinidad and Tobago however, there are programs and organizations that have been set up to assist these people in providing for their families. Some of these programs are Servol’s Parent Outreach Program, the School Feeding Program, the Social Welfare Division and the Social Action Group in La Brea.

The Parent Outreach Program is an initiative put out by Servol to assist parent who are interested, mainly women, in learning a skill that could help them to enhance their lives and provide for their families without leaving home. The Parent Outreach Program also teaches parents about child development and proper child rearing practices. They cater mainly for women because the women are usually the ones at home while the men go out to work. Women who participate in this program are therefore given the opportunity to contribute to their households and raise their socio-economic standing.

The School Feeding Program is set up and funded by the Government. Through the School Feeding Program the Government provides meals, both breakfast and lunch, for children whose parents cannot afford to give them a proper meal. These meals provide the nutrient needed by the children for proper growth and development.

The Social Welfare Division is also run and funded by the Government. The Social Welfare Division provides assistance in the form of cheques to single-parent families. The cheques are to help the parents to provide the basic necessities for their children. The...
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