Essay About Radioactivity

Topics: Cancer, Ionizing radiation, X-ray Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: November 19, 2010
How can radioactivity help people without damaging them inside their body?

By Marjolijn van Geldere
When you hear the word radioactivity, you think directly about dangerous gasses. But radioactivity can also be a way of healing people. The most known are X-rays and radiotherapies. Too much radioactivity is, in contrast with radioactive medicines, dangerous for your body. You can get seriously sick, cancer for example, or even die. A tragic example of this is Tsjernobyl, where a nuclear reactor exploded. In this essay I will try to answer the question: How can radioactivity help people without damaging them inside their body?

As I already mentioned, it depends on the amount of radioactivity you come in touch with whether you will be healed or get sick. There are different types of healing, or helping materials to heal, using radioactivity. These are: o X-ray

o Radiotherapy (healing tumours causing cancer)
o Radioactive medicines
X-rays are mostly used in hospitals, at dentists and orthodontists, by vets and on airports. Doctors and vets can see what is wrong with your bones or what is wrong inside your body. Dentists and orthodontists use them to see how the position of your pillory and teeth are. On airports they use X-rays for checking of the bags, for metals, like knifes. When a X-ray is used, small pieces, which are radioactive, will be shot. The bones in your body or metals are too thick for the radioactive pieces, so the pieces will stop there. On a picture you see always black and white. The black is the plate you or your bag or pet is laying on, it’s where the radioactivity reached, and the white parts are the bones or metals, where the radioactivity stopped. X-ray has been discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. He discovered that electrons cause radiation when they hit a metal. This radiation could expose pictures or lighten fluorescing metals. The name X-ray comes from the unknown x in mathematics. Later Mr....
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