Essay About Life

Topics: Wealth, Thought, Mind Pages: 3 (1179 words) Published: March 5, 2013
I grew up in a family that I can say is very ideal. Well, you might ask me what else can I ask for? I would understand if that thought would enter your mind because I believe most of the people I knew if not everybody would want to be in the position where I stand right now. But I guess you would also agree with me if I say that there are things that keep people on asking for more. Some ask for money, some ask for power, some ask for knowledge, some ask for love life, some ask for sex and whether we admit it or not there are these people who even ask for “life” per se. Uhhmm… but what is life really? Is it something that is given or is it something that is achieved? For my own discernment and with due respect to the opinion of everyone, I would have to say that life is something that is given. If you would ask me by whom then I doubt if I can give you a concrete answer or an answer that would satisfy you at least. But at this point of time, I believe that life is something that is given through the natural course of human being’s journey to the “unknown” yet with a bit of a certainty. Let me pose some points why I said that “life” is something that is given. Let us take a look at the “life” of the rich people. If their lives are achieved for that matter, then I can say that everybody would all be rich by now. Why? Because I guess at some point everyone would be doing something that can make them rich, regardless of how easy or hard that something is. And it’s a sad fact that what is happening now with the lives of the Filipino people is totally the opposite of what I have thought of. Another good point to ponder are the “lives” of what we call the unborn children. If I give you something, say a gift perhaps, the prerogative to take it back from you any moment I want is totally within my own predisposition. It is the same with the case of these unborn children. Since their lives are given then the power and the capacity to take it away from them whether they like...
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