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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Would you read a treacherous book about a chilling plane crash that materialized in the Andes Mountain Range? Well I have, and it was good. While some were on their way to play in a rugby game, others were going to a wedding and some just to go on vacation to get a nice get away. But what they thought would be a fun filled plane ride, turns into a nightmare for these unwary travelers.

In the beginning of the book, Marcelo Perez, the captain of the rugby team, was standing there with the others that were anxiously waiting to get on their way and to leave the small city of Carrasco and to get a nice little escape from the real world, to play some rugby games or visit family and just to chill out. It all started out on Thursday, October 12, 1972, when this group of travelers left Carrasco to get to Chile. They thought it was just going to be a quick plane ride and they would be at their destination in no time, but they had no clue that they had to make a stop. The fog was too heavy for the plane to go through so they landed in Mendoza. The group had no problem with this, just one less day that they would get to spend in Chile. The next day, October 13, 1972, they were scheduled to take off that morning. They were able to and the group made their way to Chile. Flying through the pass in the mountains, they were soon on their way. The pilot of the plane notified air controllers in Santiago that he was over a city in Chile, and that he was cleared to descend. That was an incurable error. The pass at the time had been covered by clouds, the pilots had to rely on the usual time required to cross the pass. They failed to take into account strong headwinds that slowed the plane and increased the time required to complete the crossing. They were not as far west as they thought they were, and as a result, the turn and descent were initiated too soon, even before the plane had passed through the mountains, leading to a controlled flight into the vast terrain. When...
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