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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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Dr. Farmer has by accident hit and killed a hog on the road with his car. The hog owner, who is white, demands money as compensation for the hog. Dr. Farmer offers him his monthly salary, which is a lot more than the hog is worth and he does not complain, when the owner of the hog humiliates him by dropping the check and telling him to help load up the dead hog to the car. Dr. Farmer acts this way because he’s afraid that the man who owned the hog won’t let him go, if he does anything to protest. It would be far too easy for the hog-owner to get the police out there, tell them another version of the story and get them to believe it. To offer the owner of the hog his entire monthly salary is the “smart” thing to do, because he’s a black man in South America in the 1960’es. If he gets in trouble with the hog-owner, the hog owner will get him in trouble with the police and if he, as a black man in those days, gets in trouble with the police, he’ll probably be brought to court, where he’ll most likely get in front of a white judge and jury, who will probably give him a very severe sentence – either because they are racist or because he doesn’t get to have a good lawyer to defend him. To let a old hog walk around on the road and let it be hit by a car, must have been a really easy way to get a lot of money as a white man in the 1960’es. If white people run it down, they pay what the hog is worth. If black people run the hog down, they pay everything they have in fear of getting shot then and there.
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