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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Jessica Acosta
December 2, 2012
What makes a good leader?
There can be good and bad leaders. Everybody can be a leader in their own way. This topic is about what makes a good leader. Good leaders are best described as respectful, and honest. Bad leaders are opposites from good ones. For example, Good leader are, Unselfish, utter devotion to the good of the people that he's leading, no concern for personal gain, wisdom and insight. Bad leader are Selfish, devotion to only themselves, total obsession with personal gain, ignorant and single minded.

The first quality of a good leader is being respectful and This quality makes a person a great leader because it is demostrating people that in order to be a leader they have to respect them selves and each other. And also good leaders have to have alot of bravery to prove their point. "Apologizing requires a good deal of courage " this means have to be brave in order to apologize. As a good leader it is vital that the people you are leading have respect for you. If you have their respect, they will work harder and longer to help you reach your point. In order to be a good leader, that person needs to know what's wrong and right. And if people do something wrong they need to take the consequences of their action. If people are brave and respectful they can always make other people believe them and trust them. The connection of this is that in order to be a excelent leader you have to know what you are doing you have to know the right from the wrong.

The secondary quality of a good leader is being honest. If people have honesty that would represent that they can handle saying the truth. And saying the truth is a short way to victory (being a leader). For example, When people trust you, they will be more inclined to follow you. If they follow you, and you have all the pieces of the puzzle in place as described throughout this course, you will succeed. A leader builds trust by considering the “good of...
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