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Esprit clothing brand behind the secret of self-replicating rapid 2011-01-17 00:22:22
From 200 to 600 stores, Esprit took only a few short years to complete his staking their claims. The 60s was born in the last century, the fashion brand into the Chinese market from the beginning, has been driving in the fast lane. Today's Esprit, in addition to six major retail cities, continues to develop the hundreds of franchise cities. In fact, the company behind the rapid expansion of the scale of the cultivation and growth, both the speed is pretty, but also on the Esprit next core competitive advantage.

All in Esprit (China) Su-Hao Sheng, director of human resources appears to be a logical thing, "from the current industry is concerned, has been difficult to pass an innovation or improvement of fabric to gain market share, the enterprise is to fight back the management. "elements in all management, human resources, Esprit has become the most important intangible asset, especially when human resources have been able, after a strong business development support.

Tip One: Instant Copy Management Jiangong

Esprit's profit growth rate in 2007 was 27% in 2008, this figure increased to 52%. "Staking" type of expansion mode has become a major retail chains commonly used approach, while the enclosure behind the tremendous human gap.

"Chain of retail industry is a traditional industry, education level of employees ask for much, but labor intensive, the details of excellence," Sheng Hao Su summed up, "On the other hand, can not be monopolized retail brand, product replacement fast . "determine the characteristics of the industry can not rely on a chain of retail product innovation or change the fabric to expand market share, but by every day, every little details of the change to win more customers, the intensity of competition in the market can be conceivable.

However, the rapid expansion of business scale proposed rigid human resources needs, Sheng Hao in the eyes of the Soviet Union, the rapid expansion of the business, the most immediate test is the ability to copy. "The market opportunity should not be copied, for a number of requirements are not two, but a set of the team."

Esprit real-time copy capabilities, the complexity and variability far beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Success in one area, how continued success in the larger region, while the effective control of scale due to the elements after the management of complex and diverse, Esprit became the core issue of human resources.

Esprit's idea is different for different years the business, HR developed a different focus strategies. In 2004, for brand positioning, human resources staff decided to pull the pay levels higher than the market average, "Let some people get rich." Through the National Mobilization, looking for "Shining Star", "Service Star" and "Sales Star" and other activities, some of the people to line the middle class pay levels to achieve the standard, 20% of internal staff in the year to reach 6 million income This is a very impressive figure. In 2005, HR turn focus on the reputation building, used the idea for the human resources market, establish the image.

Beginning in 2006, Esprit will be the focus of human resources management gradually shifted to improve staff quality, and reserve management talent up. Carefully selected, raised the standard of a new phase of focus. In raising the level of fine management, pay close attention to quality of sales, the company noted that the homogenization of management is very powerful, so proceed with the officers of strokes, the experience will be brought in the new external.

Tip Two: The Numbers cost

Esprit HR in addressing the problem of quality and quantity of staff, the traditional human resource management felt the "trendy" e-HR system brings freshness.

May not be quite fashionable, and only for their own is the best....
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