Espn : the Biggest Sport Channel

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  • Published : May 16, 2012
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1. The ESPN brand means a great deal to consumers.   ESPN symbolizes the media coverage of all different kinds of sports, with their first and most popular program being SportsCenter. They have expanded from the once small network into a very successful network with ABC.   2. The core benefit to ESPN is the accessibility to sports news, schedules and games; ultimately sports entertainment. The actual product is being able to not only can you catch the latest sports updates on television, they also have a website, magazine, radio station and mobile telephone application. They ensure that no matter where you are that you have access to up to date scores, schedules and sports news. The augmented product is being able to rely on ESPN to cover the important sporting events and keep up with all the different aspects of the sports industry. 3. I think that ESPN has strong brand equity. ESPN is able to capture the customer’s loyalty and preference with it easy access, expansions of brands, and availability outside of the home such as in airports and on airplane.

Its equity brand relates to its brand value. ESPN’s strong brand equity has allowed it to exist for a significant amount of time.   Its connection with sports fan, quality of service, and its strong customer relationship indicates that its high brand equity leads to a strong brand value. 4.   Here are some examples of Co-branding along with the benefits and risk: Co-Brand Benefit Risk

-Integrates with ABC. -Larger viewing audience. - Loss of fans due to added station. -ESPN on ABC - Access to different and more sporting Events. -Mobile ESPN - On the go access -Inability to breakeven after a year. -On demand video access -Possibility of not being profitable
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