Esl Class Observation

Topics: Language acquisition, Second language acquisition, Linguistics Pages: 5 (1954 words) Published: December 3, 2012

In this report, I will describe a teacher and her students in an observation I did in a 8th grade of Liceo de San Miguel in Desamparados which is known as a problematic high school due to constantly problems of drugs and alcohol in some of its students. The purpose of this report is to reflect on the teacher’s class organization strategies and class environment in relation with what I have learned in the class of Didactics 1 from the professor Jonnathan Elizondo in the U.I.A. Throughout this paper, a variety of organization techniques will be describe. In order to understand better the method that the teacher used during this observation; is it very important recall that Grammar Translation Method is one of the most traditional methods and it was originally used to translate messages during World War I. Indeed, this method involves little or no spoken communication or listening comprehension. Even though, Grammar Translation Method is out of date, in this class I could observe the use of this method probably because it requires only few demands on the teacher and it could be least stressful for the students.

Before the Observation
After I arranged a day and time to go observe the teacher Ana María Piedra Calderon, she asked me if we could meet few minutes before the class starts to give me a brief issue about the class. We discussed that the first 20 minutes we have to share the class with the students from French as a second language because her classroom was locked and the security guy was looking for the keys in order to get the door open. After that, the teacher said that the focus of this class is reading and her goal is to use reading activities to help them develop second language acquisition. We also briefly discussed the activities that they were going to be doing that day. The students were working on the chapter of the workbook about contamination and recycling. Then, she told me that at the beginning of class she was going to tell the students that I was going to be an observer and that at the end of class she was going to let me introduce myself to the class and give them a brief explanation of how if life in the U.S. since she knew that I used to live there for few years. Thus, I politely accepted her suggestion and at the same time I got a little bit nervous because I have never spoken to students in front of the classroom.

During the Observation
In this section, a chronological list of events including students and teacher interaction during my observation of the class will be listed. Teacher arrives to the classroom at 6:50 am, but the door was locked so she could not get in. After that, she rapidly went to find the security guard of the high school in order to get the classroom open, but she could not find him so she spoke to the teacher of the class next door to see if they can share a classroom until the security guard opens the door. The French teacher allowed the English teacher and her students to share the classroom because French teacher only had 12 students and plenty of room and desks in her classroom. The class started sharp at 7:00am.Students of French on the right side of the classroom and students of English on the left side of the classroom. Even though that was kind of hard to work two different languages in one classroom at the end the English teacher could start the class on time. First of all, the English teacher greeted her students and prayed. Secondly, she introduced myself and told her students that I will be an observer for that class. The teacher asked the students to open their workbooks and asked them to start working on the exercises about pollution on chapter 5, she did not share any outline of the class just asked them to work on it neither she clearly stated objectives and activities probably because she done it in the previous class. While the students were working on the reading passage about pollution; the security guard told the English teacher...
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