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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Question no. 2
“Forget the big player in the world; it is the people in the margins of our society whose stories are most compelling.”

Essay writing

The messenger by Markus zusak demonstrates an idea of ‘it’s about glowing lights and small things that are big’. Major characters of our society are always there in the novel but they never exist. On other hand its only minor characters in reality everywhere, from a lonely cab driver hoping to get his love; to the mother who doesn’t have any money to buy an ice cream for her but can give everything to her child. It’s the minor characters on which our lives depends the most. In the messenger minor characters has been manipulated as minor but actually reflected as “major”. Ed Kennedy a nineteen year old failure whose list of anti-achievement includes being ‘the youngest cab driver ‘an illegal one. Spending his days in his rented shack in an old infantile town. While away his nights either driving or playing cards with equally hopeless mates Marv, Ritchie, and the aim of his life, Audrey, his love. A fully achieved ‘jack-shit character’. In contrast to reality he is not just a load on mother earth. He is someone whose idiotness in the bank proves to be lifesaving deal, one who keeps the hopes alive of totally ignored priest, an old lady who seeks an image of her husband in him. A vital helping hand for a woman who is being raped every night by his drunken husband. A saint, a saviour and a messenger, so how he can be minor character? Character development is very important in the novel. Markus shows pathetic life style of Ed and his struggle for life exploring the idea of what’s importance of life, learning to care and facing the life’s challenge along the way. Speckled throughout are minor characters, basic, ignored, unimportant to Ed’s own self life growth. All the minor characters are dragging their purpose throughout the novel and exit without making any real development in their life. Even in the ending Ed...