A Blow a Kiss

Topics: Family, Fiction, Son Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: February 17, 2011
BY -TIM WINTON Unless you are going to integrate and comment upon the graphics or the quote why are they included?


What Of what are individuals identities framed of ? Its It is their house , parents or, religion? ,dDoes it define and shape the action, or the ability of individuals to think , reason and give an opinion . Every individual has a different and unique identity. You may think something is terrible while someone else does not even care and yet another person may laugh, why? The answer is simple, everyone has his own identity and personality. Everyone feels, acts, thinks, and dreams differently. In the short story “A blow A kiss “by Tim Winton ,the Australian author identifies the quality of father -son relationships and their responses in situations of stress and emergency .Winton uses conventions and techniques such as narrative structure ,character development and narational commentary in the story to communicate a meaning to the readers . The story also represents how fathers are role models in their son's life and how relationships between different fathers and sons differ , as a result of their identities . Winton starts his story in a country. Where Albie and his father are returning from a fishing trip after losing their salmons .”it did not matter ….again “pg 7 And suddenly on the road, they come across a rider who is injured and drunk .The author suggests the idea of a father and sons typical relationship (gone fishing) using conventions such as timing and placement of events within the narrative. When they come across the rider, Albie is left with the rider .as the injuried man spoke “oh!oh,Dad I am sorry. Was coming back”pg 9 Albie responses to it by saying “its alright “and kisses him on his cheek . The moment of realisation is imposed on Albies...
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