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Topics: Enterprise resource planning, Business process management, Business process reengineering Pages: 21 (3996 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems: a
research agenda

Majed Al-Mashari
Department of Information Systems, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Enterprise resource planning,
Research, Change management


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
can be regarded as one of the most innovative
The continuing development of
developments in information technology (IT)
enterprise resource planning
of the 1990s. With the growing interest of
(ERP) systems has been
many organizations in moving from
considered by many researchers
functional to process-based IT infrastructure,
and practitioners as one of the
major IT innovations in this
ERP systems have become one of today’s
decade. ERP solutions seek to
most widespread IT solutions. According to
integrate and streamline business
Heald and Kelly (1998), it was projected that,
processes and their associated
information and work flows. What in 2002, organizations’ total spending on ERP makes this technology more
applications would reach $72.63 billion. What
appealing to organizations is its
have motivated organizations to implement
increasing capability to integrate
with the most advanced electronic ERP systems are their integration and standardization capabilities, flexible client/
and mobile commerce
technologies. However, research
server architecture, and their abilities to
in the ERP area is still lacking and
drive effective business reengineering and
the gap in the ERP literature is
management of core and support processes
huge. Attempts to fill this gap by
(ComputerWorld, 1998).
proposing a novel taxonomy for
ERP research. Also presents the
While ERP systems have traditionally been
current status with some major
used by capital-intensive industries, such as
themes of ERP research relating
manufacturing, construction, aerospace, and
to ERP adoption, technical
defence, they have recently been
aspects of ERP and ERP in IS
curricula. The discussion
implemented in the finance, education,
presented on these issues should
insurance, retail, and telecommunications
be of value to researchers and
sectors (Chung and Snyder, 2000). ERP
practitioners. Future research
work will continue to survey other systems are now considered the standard major areas presented in the
technology on which many organizations are
taxonomy framework.
operating their business, and they are,
therefore, known by the specific ERP
standard they are adopting (Sweat, 1998).
From a historical point of view, the concept
of ERP has advanced from the MRP systems
in the 1970s and the MRPII systems in the
1980s. Currently, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft,
Baan, and J.D. Edwards are considered the
top ERP vendors. Despite the differences in
the marketing policies of their vendors, these
packages have similar offerings and
shortcomings, and they still adopt the
MRPII’s model for the manufacturing
Industrial Management &
planning components of their system
Data Systems

products (Gray and Landvater, 1989). Overall,
ERP systems are beneficial in providing
support for all variations of best business
practices, in enabling the implementation of
these practices with a view towards
enhancing productivity, and in empowering
the customer to modify the implemented
business processes to suit their needs (Rao,
As the widespread application of ERP
systems continues, the need for a new
research agenda to address various issues in
this context has never been more urgent.
ERP repeatedly topping the list of themes in
major academic information systems (IS)
conferences reflects the dire need for
research in this rapidly emerging field. In
one aspect, ERP combines both
organizational business processes and total
organizational IT into one integrated system
(Chung and Snyder, 2000). Both IT
practitioners and researchers are still not
able to determine...
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