Erp Case Study for Software System

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Company Name:
Oetiker Inc.
Marlette, MI
Number of Employees:
Foremost manufacturer
and distributor of quality
clamps, rings and
Critical Needs:
Customer satisfaction,
shipping accuracy and ontime delivery.
Epicor Solution:
MANAGE 2000 by Epicor


Case Study
Oetiker Inc.


hen the marketplace thinks the best clamp in the world isn’t worth a few extra pennies, you counter with the world’s best service to keep customers coming back. That’s the philosophy of Oetiker Inc., the foremost manufacturer and distributor of quality clamps, rings and couplings. With competitors turning to third world production to undercut prices, this global company’s confidence in the quality of its products and its ability to deliver the right order to the right customer every time, emboldens it to give its customers an iron-clad warranty that no competitor offers. A hose ring can shut down an automotive production line if it fails or does not arrive on time. Manufacturers that rely on clamps and rings produced with cost being the primary driver, rather than quality, risk expensive downtime that can run into tens of thousands of dollars per hour. Oetiker has removed that risk for its customers. The company is so sure that its highly engineered and innovative products, even though they are competitively priced, will arrive and perform as promised, that its warranty protects against downtime. How can any company, much less a company with minuscule

profit-margins per product, stick its neck out so far? Oetiker has turned to technology to remove the chances of error. Although its “as promised” delivery performance has consistently been 99.1%, that still meant that six of its 6,000 shipments each quarter were late or incorrect. Unacceptable to this company whose mission is total customer satisfaction.

Picking the Right Solution

Finding that incorrect picking was the primary culprit for its .9% shipment error rate, Oetiker decided to automate its inventory picking and shipping processes. The company determined that an automated data collection system could help increase shipping accuracy, eliminate non-value-added tasks and ensure compliance with labeling

Oetiker chose Collect 2000®, an automated data collection system by Manufacturing Systems Corp. (MSC) of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. This fully featured system enables scanned or wireless collection of inventory and labor data throughout the manufacturing process, from purchase order receipt through shipment. Its seamless integration with Oetiker’s MANAGE 2000 ERP system from Epicor Software Corporation allows bi-directional flow of information between the two systems. Other compatible data collection systems were explored, but Oetiker already knew and respected MSC. As a user of their automotive EDI system, Oetiker had confidence in MSC’s systems, knowledge and service. They learned through other MANAGE 2000 users that the interface with Collect 2000 was solid and proven, and supported more transactions than competing systems.

Quick Rewards

“We were up and running on Collect 2000 in
less than two months,” says Tracy Cleeton,
Oetiker’s IT manager. “Our first quarter we had
zero shipping errors! That makes for happy




Case Study
Oetiker Inc.
customers and happy management.”
“Three months into our use of the system,
we have removed the need for a computer to be
used for location and product lookups. There is
an inquiry screen right on the gun for stock
lookups that shows all locations for a specific
part. We even print bar codes and shipping
papers right from the gun, so we don’t have to
go to a PC to generate those documents.”
“It formerly took our people about four
hours a day to determine and assemble the
appropriate documents for orders, such as bill of
lading, proforma and commercial invoices, and
NAFTA forms,” Cleeton continues. “Now...
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