Erik Peterson Part a and B

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Erik Peterson: Part A and B
I, Erik Peterson, a recent MBA graduate in a new position as general manager of a mobile cellular company called Green Mountain Cellular (GMCT), face serious start-up problems that delayed the first deadline on February 1st to begin our service. However I have submitted the revised turn-on of April 1st to headquarters. I, now with only 3 weeks left to the new deadline, have to prepare an effective plan and solve major issues in order to meet the second turn-on deadline. Moreover, I have to discuss my plan in 3 weeks’ time with Chip Knight, director of pre-operating system from our parent corporation, Cellular Communication Services, Inc. (CelluComm), Dashiell Harper, VP of Operation for CelluComm, and Ric Jenkins, the president of CelluComm. Peterson’s Problems

While I face many problems that could result in the delay of our company’s cellular service turn-on target date, my two major issues based on time constraint are below; Meet Apr 1st turn-on schedule: I have to urgently fix and get engaged with the issues that cause any delay in the second deadline on Apr 1st as it may endanger my position. Zoning problem, cellular tower construction and local utility make-ready are all serious issues for the service turn-on. While I will not directly supervise the zoning negotiation and hearings, it seems to be one of vital issues. Scott Green and Karen Cantor, experts from CelluComm whom I have negative perceptions, are responsible for zoning issue thus I am demotivated to interfere with their work. The successful resolution, however, is vital for GMCT as the new tower site will be costly and time-consuming. I thus have to ensure the zoning issue to be fixed in order to turn-on service by the second deadline. The initial 16 cell towers for GMCT are also crucial for the turn-on date as they provide seamless coverage to subscribers. Missing one cell means dead spots within our service area and GMCT’s distinct competitive disadvantage. Supply chain management for planning and organizing equipment and supplies is now the responsibility of Stevana Hanes of whom I have a strongly believe can perform the task due to her former performance in MIS department. Nevertheless, I did not provide a clear working relationship between her and Curt Andrew who was initially responsible for the supply chain planning. As a result, Curt may not fully support Stevana who is inexperienced in cellular industry to perform her task effectively. The local utility readiness for the telephone lines is another difficulty that I face. Although I arranged a meeting with the local utility general manager, they continue to be behind its make-ready schedule. The utility make-ready speed is considered a severe problem that involves high cost if delayed. I have to ensure the make-ready target is met to meet the second proposed turn-on date. Superiors and Subordinate issues: I encounter a number of superior and subordinate issues. I tried to solve the subordinate issues but neglected to manage my superiors. There are many conflicts in both subordinates and superiors in our organization in terms of insufficient experience, communications, interpersonal relations, unclear reporting relationship and industry knowledge. This not-urgent-but-important issue is essential for an effective organization in a long-run. I did not have experience in the field and expected to get help from my direct superior. Hardy was appointed as my direct supervisor in addition to his main other duties; however he does not have experience in working in pre-system operating either. Thus Hardy is unable to provide me initiative advice or guidance and relatively avoids making decision for big issues but rather nit-picking with small insignificant issues. I do not actively interact with my other superiors and headquarters since I started the job. Headquarter does not seem to understand challenges I have faced to meet the deadline since I didn’t communicate...
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