Erik Peterson at Biometra - a&B

Topics: Costa Rica, Management, Decision making Pages: 3 (678 words) Published: September 29, 2012

This is a case about Eric Peterson, who was recently hired as a product manager in charge of sales and marketing of Biometra’s catheter. This product from Biometra, a subsidiary of Scientific Materials (SciMat), was the first product ever launched by Biometra and so its success was critical for both Biometra and SciMat. From the case we see that even though Eric Peterson tries hard to meet the product target launch date, there are several issues that he and the organization are experiencing.

Critical Problem:
Disengaged Management and Ineffective Communication:
a) After Peterson joined Biometra, he discovered that instead of reporting directly to Jenkins he was assigned to Jeff Hardy, vice president of planning and control for the peripheral vascular division. Hardy had no prior operating experience and had a tendency to avoid conflict. Also, Hardy did not support Peterson’s decisions like engaging support for the KOL’s or taking action against Andrews, who was unable to manage the production issues in Costa Rica. Hardy was relatively disengaged in thinking through the big issues and as a result, was unable to offer Peterson any advice or guidance that was helpful or any clear direction for way forward. Now, a new VP and Group-VP were appointed in the crucial stages of product launch that could jeopardize the timely launch of the product. Due to lack of effective communication from the leadership, Peterson was not sure whom he would be reporting to which could mean further delays in getting approvals on his decisions. b) Due to lack of prior managerial and operational experience, Peterson is unable to see the “bigger picture” and initiate effective communication to bring all teams together to work towards a common goal. Better communication would help build trust. Specially, he needs to resolve the conflict between Andrews and Jones and between Andrews and Miczek, to ensure there are no further delays.

Decision Criteria:
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