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Buisness Plan
For The Single
„ ELF”

I Draft
II General characteristics of the company
1 Owner information
2 Name and location (headquarters)
3 Form of organizational - legal
4 Area of Effect
5 Scope of activities
6 Basic goals of the activities
III Market analysis and marketing plan
1 Product Description
2 Buisness opereators in the industry - the main competitors 3 Sales market
4 Customers and their needs
5 Prices of goods offered
6 Marketing Plan
7 Distribution and its ways
8 Advertising and Promotion
IV Plan functioning of the company and organizational structure 1 Managers
2 Organizational Chart
V Financial – economic analysis
VI S.W.O.T. analysis
1 Strengths of the project
2 Weaknesses of the project
3 Opportunities for business
4 Threats to the enterprise
VII The development of business
VIII Summary
IX The implementation plan - a timetable for implementation of the project

I. Draft

This Business Plan has been developed to present a proposal for the planned activities in the form of a single company named "Elf." The Company will conduct its business in Cracow. Company headquarters will be located in Krakowska Street number 17. This project will be owned by Klaudia Surdel that is both the creator of the idea, as well as its executor. At the beginning I had to decide in which sector I want to compete. What interested me the most was trading activity , because I want to deal with selling second – hand items. I decided to open my own business, because I want to invest in myself and my abilities. The decision to self-employment was based on the current situation in the local labor market.

II. General characteristics of the company

1. Owner information:
First and last name: Klaudia Surdel
Adres zamieszkania: Krakowska Street 17, 39 – 320 Cracow, Poland Company name: Second – hand store with items for children named „ELF” Tel: 0893786567

2. Name and location (headquarters)

Second – hand store with items for children named „ELF” Krakowska Street 17, 39 – 320 Cracow, Poland
The place of location of the company is located in my property. Therefore, there will bear the cost of the rental premises. 3. Form of organizational - legal
The company "ELF" is a one-person company. This type of legal form gives me the right to make their own decisions and manage the affairs of my company and its representation. This form of business establishment procedures much easier and does not require a large initial capital, which is why I decided on this choice.

4. Area of effect
The area of ​​operation is mainly the place of my residence and its immediate surroundings. As my business grows and more demands can be greatly increased. 5. Scope of activities
The subject of my work will be resale and trade (sale) used children's clothing. The choice of the subject such as business led me financial situation of many families with small children. I'm going to meet the expectations and needs of each client, taking into account their position property.

6. Basic goals of the activities
The objectives of my company:
A) present:
• get the young consumer market for the products of good quality for use (used items for children); • meet the expectations and needs of people interested in the products offered by me; • break on the local market:

with emphasis on organization (promotion company);
the formation of a positive image of the company;
    B) the future:
• greater emphasis on promotion;
• increase market outlets;
• getting more customers;
• increased interest in the products offered by me;
• achieve greater financial results.

III. Market analysis and marketing plan

1. Product description

Offer of my shop was designed for children in the toddlers. Offers a variety of used, undamaged and colorful products of good quality. Personally, I'm going to make every effort to ensure that covered the...
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