Equiano's Travels

Topics: God, Religion, Olaudah Equiano Pages: 4 (1516 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Equiano’s Religious Journey

Olaudah Equiano undertook an incredible journey during his lifetime. Facing many trials and tribulations he was pressed to the verge of death, but, as he would tell you “.. Through God’s Mercy” (Equiano and Edwards, Pg.122) he was able to survive and earn his freedom. Equiano was baptized in February 1769 by his present name Gustavus Vasa at St. Margaret's Church in Westminster, England. Yet, whichever name one may refer to him as, one thing remains unquestionable, his faith in God. Equiano placed God as the center of many of his life’s choices and held up most importance in being in the good graces of the Lord. Throughout his lifetime Equiano justified many of the events he encountered by saying they would occur "if it should please God" (Equiano and Edwards, pg. 78). With this and many more examples Equiano showed he was well in touch with God and his religious practices. He proved he had a strong relationship with God and whole heartedly believed in the fatalism of Providence.

Equiano’s religious journey began at about the age of 12, an innocent slave child questioning a foreign phenomenon that was to become known as snow. When questioning the function and origin of the snow he was answered by his captain who explained this cold white substance came from “a great man in the heavens, called God.”(Equiano and Edwards, Pg.34) Although young Equiano accepted this information, he was still at a loss for understanding. He was then taken to church, which only increased his confusion. Seeing a plethora of people worshipping God, he was filled with question. His friend Dick helped greatly in his understanding by serving as an interpreter. Equiano accompanied Dick’s translations with his own observations of the white people in the church. Seeing how wise they were, how they refrained from buying and selling each other, how sacrificing was not necessary, among other things; allowed Equiano to arrive at the realization that God was a...
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