Who Needs Theology

Topics: Theology, God, Reason Pages: 3 (1246 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Ben Schupanitz
Professor Richard Smallie
Theology 216
28 January 2010
Who Needs Theology?
Theology is defined as “any reflection on the ultimate questions of life that point toward God” (Grenz and Roger pg. 13). Theology makes up everyone’s life whether they know it or not. Everyone is a theologian in their own way. This book takes us through the process of understanding theology and putting it to practical use in our daily lives. It gives step by step instructions on how to practice theology and how to defend your own theology. It also fills a void in our life that has been empty. Theology not only enlightens us in our religion but it also gives us a since of purpose to help fill that void in our life. Who Needs Theology? explicates that every single person is a theologian. In the next chapter they restate what theology is in a simpler way. They say that theology is “simply faith seeking understanding” (Grenz and Roger pg. 16). Reflection is “using our minds to organize our thoughts and beliefs, bring them into coherence with one another by attempting to identify and expunge blatant contradictions and make sure that there are good reasons for interpreting Christian faith in the way we do”. They go on to say that reflection involves a certain amount of critical thinking. One cannot just reflect without thinking deeply about a certain subject. The book explains that there are five different types of theology: folk, lay, ministerial, professional, and academic theology. Folk theology is “unreflective believing based on blind faith in a tradition of some kind” (Grenz and Roger pg. 27). Lay theology is the same thing, but reflection defines the difference between folk and lay theology. Ministerial theology is the same as lay theology but the level of reflection it involves is much greater. Professional theology involves “instructing lay people and pastors in their use” (Grenz and Roger pg.32). The final kind of theology is academic theology. It is virtually...
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