Equality in Courtship

Topics: Gender role, Transgender, Gender Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: January 27, 2013
QUESTION OF POLICY: How does one establish equality in courtship? What traditions should be used/overturned?

Definition and Delimitation of the Problem


Nature of the Problem

What are facts/happenings promoted a consideration of the problem by the group? In the Philippines, it is hard-set tradition that males are the ones to court or initiate courtship. It is social stigma when a female explicitly expresses any desire to have romantic relations. Homosexuals have an ambiguous stand in the issue of courtship and romantic relationships, being that they are not completely accepted in our culture-bound country.

What are evidences that the problem exists?
Over a decade into this new era, motions are still being made to promote equality among genders, most recently involving the ‘third sex’ or Lesbian, Gay, Transexual and Bisexual (LGBT) community. What is the importance of the problem? Its extent? Its severity?

What are the chief causes of the problem?
What may be the results if the problem remains unsolved?
What criteria must be established to guide the group in arriving at responsible solutions?

Suggested Courses of Action
A. Do not expect traditional cues from any gender and act with a contemporary goal. Advantages: Participants of romantic relationships can establish better rapport with no assumptions on gender roles. Disadvantages: Most people have a hard time with liberal actions because tradition and culture have made gender roles instinctive. B. Put yourself in the shoes of others.

Advantages: People learn to be more empathic and sensitive with other people’s situations and their respective struggles against tradition. They effectively become more accepting of new ideologies. Disadvantages: Not all people can be open-minded and sensitive to others. C. Respect others’ decisions and refrain from harsh judgement. Advantages: There is civility among people which is an avenue to understanding....
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