Equal Rights Presentation SOC 315 Week

Topics: United States, Islam, Human rights Pages: 17 (1243 words) Published: January 5, 2015
Equal Rights
Chris Eason, Gino Cimino, Tyler Stienle, Conrad Torres
March 5, 2013
Instructor: Bruce Turner

 Issues, Challenges, & Opportunities faced by
this group in labor force.
 How society has constructed group’s identity.
 Legal framework relating to issue.
 Summary of existing or proposed solutions of
differing groups.
 Does this issue exist in other countries? If so,
how it is handled.
 Teams compromise or alternative to existing

 Post 9/11, Muslims residing in the United States have
experienced violations in terms of economic liberties.
 Media stereotypes and government legislation continually exacerbate these human right abuses and entrench economic
discrimination deeper in American Society.
 Muslims in the work force are subject to deep social anxiety towards Islam, known as Islam phobia.
 Anti-terrorism measures are associated with a relative decrease in employment, hours worked, and the earnings of immigrants
from Muslim-majority countries.
 Economic discrimination in the United States against Muslims is predicted to climb if the recession continues.

 The American-Muslim community faces extreme and difficult challenges.
 Muslims employees are faced with the problem that their coworkers lack knowledge about their culture and religion.  Female Muslim employees who wear the hijab, the head
covering traditionally worn by observant Muslim females are
mocked and hassled.
 Job applications with Muslim names still face challenges getting hired and those employed sometimes, are still
mistreated by their supervisors.

 Although time has transcended, Muslims lack few
opportunities within the workforce.
 Muslims are promoted less often than their counterparts
although they share equal qualifications.
 Muslim student applicants of American and non-American
decent receive fewer acceptance letters to colleges than that of other ethnic groups.
 Regardless of obstacles faced by them, Muslim communities are striving through community integration and meeting to
educate the populace on their beliefs and values and continue to strive to demonstrate their love for the United States.

How Society Has Constructed This Groups Identity.
 America & its constitution facilitate integration of any group into society, without forcing them to disavow elements to the original identity.  Islam (Muslim religion) has throughout its history accommodated all races, cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities.

 Muslims do not constitute one race or nationality: and their religion is neither racial nor sectarian.
 Islam is compatible with all cultures, its high moral standards do encourage the process of integration and contribution to society.  Muslims restrain themselves from harmful acts & behavior that may be legal, socially condoned, or even socially acceptable norm.

 All these traits & behaviors assist development of genuine, cohesive identity of Muslims that society has constructed of them.

Legal Framework
 All religious practices are protected by First Amendment.  Guarantee religious liberty, or freedom of conscience, for all Americans-people of all faiths and none.
 Employment Opportunities protected by US Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission.
 US Patriot Act: allowed the attorney general to detain noncitizens suspected of terrorism without a warrant, and authorized new surveillance guidelines for U.S. law
enforcement agencies.

Legal Framework
 Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal Act or (CLEAR ACT): Allowed for local law enforcement the power to enforce federal immigration laws.
 National Security Exit-Entry Registration System (NSEERS): Allowed for government to track, continually fingerprint male Muslims between the ages of 16-45. These men would have to
report to INS and undergo a series of questioning and background screening.
 Islamic...
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