Environmental Sustainability Paper

Topics: Oxygen, Smog, Carbon dioxide Pages: 4 (1199 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Environmental Sustainability Paper
Danita LaSage
Rachelle Ann Franko
September 10, 2011

In today’s world it’s our responsibility as the population to create Sustainability with the earth’s resources. There are only so many resources on earth like timber, food, petroleum etc. to go around. The more that we use and take in the less it becomes available for us to consume. The world’s budget cannot indeterminately increase on a limited world. As a result the economy develops and the population grows it’s almost impossible for all natural resources not to be exhausted. Which then results to high prices, and the people specifically the poor and our impending generations no matter what social economical status they are in will suffer. Therefore, conservation needs to take action. According to "Washington State Department Of Natural Resources" (© 2011 ) “[Washington State is one of the world's leading lumber producers. Forestland covers almost half the state, and nearly 21 million acres are used for commercial timber. These areas are especially rich in Douglas fir, western hemlock, ponderosa and white pine, spruce and cedar. Washington produces high-quality wood products and is home to major paper companies, all of which makes forestry an important part of the state's economy]” (FORESTRY, FOREST HEALTH & FOREST ECOLOGY). Why do we need to conserve timber? Subsequently in the start, trees have provided us with two of life's necessities, food and oxygen. As we have progressed, trees supplied additional necessities such as shelter, medicine, and tools with timber alone. Today, their usefulness remains to rise and more benefits of timber are being discovered as a role to gratify the essentials that are shaped by our contemporary lifestyles of our world we live in today. Although trees/ timber is consider a renewable resource because we can harvest as well as replant right after. The main concern is that when trees/ timber are cut down, it takes quite some...
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