Environmental Factors Paper

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  • Published : November 26, 2008
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Running Head: Week Five Individual, Environmental Factors Paper MKT/421 Larry Zeidler Week Five Individual, Environmental Factors Paper Both domestic and global environmental factors impact AAFES marketing decisions. AAFES targets the military communities both near and abroad. Social, demographic, political and social factors impact the marketing techniques of AAFES. Domestically AAFES has services in 49 states. Since AAFES targets the military community, AAFES has to create a need for those shopping here in the United States. Many competitive variables are present and with the ages of those in the military and their families, a broader range of interest needs to be met. AAFES has stepped up their marketing campaign by investing in bigger better stores with more diverse in nature items to offer at a lower price than most competitors around. AAFES is also a tax free based store. The consumer who is authorized to shop at AAFES does not pay taxes on items purchased. Diversity also plays a role both domestic and global. Military communities tend to have such a diverse group of people, and both domestic and global, AAFES markets a diverse product mix in all stores. By providing the right product, at a low cost price, and at the right time, the target market is receiving what is expected and what is deserved. Globally AAFES deals with the same environmental factors as domestic, but with many more variables added. AAFES operates more than 3,000 facilities worldwide, in more than 30 countries. While AAFES customers desire convenience and the low prices that AAFES offers, national culture, values and preferences, and the distribution systems are more noticeably different across countries and define differences in local markets. When looking at the social and cultural environment this affects the way people behave and this in turn affect the way they consume; which will eventually affect the economic, political and legal environment. Every business has social and...
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