Environmental Sustainability and Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Environmentalism, Environment, Environmental movement Pages: 21 (6573 words) Published: April 22, 2013
1.Demographic profile of consumers4
1.1 Gender and age5
1.2 Education and age5

2. Profiles of consumers on the basis of values6
2.1 Analysis of consumers profile based on Success6
2.2 Analysis of consumers profile based on Centralism7
2.3 Analysis of consumers profile based on happiness7

3. Profile of consumers based on environmental belief, environmental concerns and environmental behaviour8 3.1 Analysis of Environmental Beliefs8
3.2 Analysis of Environmental Concerns9
3.3 Analysis of Environmental behaviour10

4. Opinion on whether values of consumers affect their environmental beliefs, concerns and behaviours12 4.1 Success12
4.1.1 Success and Environmental Beliefs12
4.1.2 Success and Environmental Concerns12
4.1.3 Success and Environmental Behaviour13
4.2 Centralism14
4.2.1 Centralism and Environmental Beliefs14
4.2.2 Centralism and Environmental Concerns15
4.2.3 Centralism and Environmental Behaviour16
4.3 Happiness16
4.3.1 Happiness and Environmental Beliefs16
4.3.2 Happiness and Environmental Concerns17
4.3.3 Happiness and Environmental Behaviour17




Figure 4: graphs showing overall values and gender23
Figure 5: Values in relation to gender23
Figure 6: Values in relation to overall age24
Figure 7: Showing values in relation to generational cohorts24 Figure 8: showing values in relation to overall education25 Figure 9: Value in relation education25
Figure 10 Overall environment in relation gender26
Figure 11:Environment in relation gender26
Figure 12:Environmental beliefs, concerns and behaviour for all generational cohorts27 Figure 13: Environmental beliefs, concerns and behaviour in relation to generational cohorts27 Figure 14: Environmental beliefs, concerns and behaviour in relation to overall education28 Figure 15: Environmental beliefs, concerns and behaviour in relation to education 28


The ecosystem is changing, so is the world and the marketing environment. In pursuing technological advances and economic prosperity, mankind continues to exploit the earth's resources, resulting in an overwhelming burden on the earth's ecology (Tseng and Tsai, 2011). In recent years, consumers are gradually becoming aware of environmental protection. Likewise, green consumption is an issue that has gained the world’s attention including business organisations. Marketers have become increasingly aware of the impact that business and consumer activities have on natural resources and the environment in general (Tseng and Tsai, 2011). Furthermore, they are also well aware of the changes their customers want with regards to environmentally friendly products and have adapted their product and service offering accordingly. They therefore, position their products and services differently depending on the consumer demographics they are targeting. This research will investigate the way consumers behave, and how value and environmental behaviour are interlinked. This will also help in understanding the consumer market – green consumers and the dynamics of consumer behaviour. 1. Demographic profile of consumers

A random sample was collected from colleagues, friends and, family of the group members. This sampling approach was adopted to elicit perspectives from people with diverse backgrounds. Each group member was tasked to survey at least five participants sampled from the Cape Town Metropole. The data was collected through the administration of questionnaires (refer to annexure 1). Each question was rated using 1–7 Likert scales (1 = strongly disagree and 7 = strongly agree) which identifies the frequency of respondent's behaviour. A total of 35 participants were surveyed.

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