Environmental Problem: Climate Change

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Fossil fuel Pages: 4 (1059 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Environmental Problem: Climate Change
This report sets out to show that climate change is currently the leading environmental threat to the Earth and requires people to tackle this long-term and global problem with worldwide cooperation. Climate change is the build- up of gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapour and methane in the atmosphere; this means the world is warming (Lewis et al, 2004). Pakenham (2004, pp.217) states that climate change has chain effects leading to global warming as increasing gases retain heat in the atmosphere. For Instance, as the world is warming, glaciers are melting, causing the sea levels to rise. The impact of climate change on human beings is great if we delay our response. We are “leaving our children and further generations an astounding inheritance” as Pakenham (2004, pp.217) has warned. We should take immediate action to address the pressing environmental issue without delay. Evidence proving that climate change is the biggest environmental threat to the Earth is based on the following sources: i. The Met office, 2011. “What is climate change?” video explains the process of climate change and the impact on the world. ii. Lewis et al., 2011. “The changing global environment” explains the causes and effects of global warming. iii. Pakenham, K. J., 2004. “Managing the global greenhouse” explains the problem and consequences of climate change; and introduces some solutions and responses. [See full references at end of report]

This report will focus on the three main areas of climate change: . Greenhouse gases leading to global warming
. Potential effects of climate change
. Responding to the threat and rethinking our priorities

2.1 Greenhouse gases leading to global warming
Lewis et al., (2011, pp. 38) summarize the four major greenhouse gases accounting for the warming temperature. First, Carbon Dioxide emission accounts for over...
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