Environmental Justice

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I never realized the effect that social determinants play in the role of someone’s health based on where they grow up and live all their life. Social determinants of someone’s health consist of the condition someone is born, raised, lived, worked, and their age. These main issues are a key role in determining our understanding of why conditions within these areas are so hard for people and why it makes it hard for them to leave these areas. Many people don’t know what’s truly beyond the world they live in now, so they are forced to settle with what they have and deal with it. These issues regarding people living within social determinants are going to struggle from obesity, depression, and overall state of life. They are only given specific resources and many of those resources aren’t given to them to make their life better. Therefore, they don’t know any better of what’s right and what’s wrong. They are forced to settle with the issues that they have and just learn to deal with them. Verses American’s who have options for change or medications to help us cope with depression and sickness. This issue breaks my heart to know that people within social determinant communities don’t have options for change and are forced to settle for a lower quality of life without any chance of transformation because that’s all that they can do. It makes me realize how many little things I can sometimes take for granted within my own life.
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