Env410 Toxicology Worksheet

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Toxicology Worksheet

1.Identify the different resources available for your learning in this course.

Available resources during this course includes two textbooks; “Introduction to ecotoxicology,” and “A textbook of modern toxicology.” Additional resources include various videos, complimentary transcripts to the videos, supplemental readings, the UOP online Library, and web searches.

2.Define toxicology.

Toxicology is defined as that branch of science dealing with poisons. According to Hodgson (2010), a “poison can be defined as any substance that causes a harmful effect when administered, either by accident or by design, to a living organism” (p. 3). Toxicology also includes the study of harmful effects caused by physical phenomena, such as radiation of various kinds, noise,” and “the study of the detection, occurrence, properties, effects, and regulation of toxic substances,” (Hodgson, 2010, p. 3). Rarely defined as a single molecular event, toxicity involves a cascade of events, which start with exposure, and proceeds through distribution and metabolism, and ends with the interaction of cellular macromolecules (such as DNA, or protein) and the expression of a toxic endpoint (Hodgson, 2010).

3.Define environmental toxicology.

According to Hodgson (2010), environmental toxicology evaluates the movement of toxicants and their metabolites and degradation products in the environment and in food chains, and with the effect of such contaminants on individuals and, especially, populations” (p. 8). A specific area of environmental toxicology dealing with the work environment is industrial toxicology (Hodgson, 2010).

4.What is the difference between environmental toxicology and ecotoxicology?

The difference between environmental toxicology and ecotoxicology is that the latter integrates the effects of stressors across all levels of biological organization from the molecular, to whole...
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