Topics: Corporation, Partnership, Credit card Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: June 22, 2012
Only online shopping company that has a Corporate Social Responsibility projects. •Only online shipping company that offers a 2x money back guarantee on their advertised best offers •Tie up with BDO Credit Cards which offers a virtual card. •Wide array of products and deal categories compared to its competitors •Top deals are easily visible to viewers since it is show on the top and front page of the site. •Living Social operates in hundreds of markets across 6 continents and has been in the online shopping business since 2009 longer than its competitors.Unhelpful customer service •Time indicated in deals are only showed by the day and not by the hour and minutes which other sites include like Buyanihan and Mega deals. •Multiple competitors offering the same services.

Technological Developments
New social networking sites
Untapped market for age segments 24 below
Partnerships with companies that would like to advertise in on line shopping sites. •Other competitors have limited array of products
Competitors do not have a Corporate Social Responsibility projects.Partnerships with companies who also engage in CSR whichhas products that can be advertised online. By partnering with these companies,the company will be able to produce loyal customers who patronize products of companies that take care of the people and the environment. •Take advantage of the wide range of products and deals that the site is offering and maintain or better yet increase its partnership with companies so that the site would always have more deals offered compared to its competitors. •The fact that living social is operating around the globe would make it easier for them to partner up with companies that offer products that the consumers want and patronize.Training and improvement of customer service personnel’s •Take advantage of technical developments and...
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