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  • Published: September 23, 2013
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Larry Gabriel is a columnist who frequently writes about topics that are in the best interest of Michiganders. Gabriel’s articles deal with an array of topics ranging from health to public parks to marijuana, and how the government and people themselves affect those topics. Gabriel often focuses on marijuana and its legalization as a common theme throughout many of his articles. Gabriel writes about marijuana activists, the DEA, medical marijuana patients, attorneys trying to keep marijuana illegal, voters, and government officials and how they are all intertwined by the fibers of marijuana and its status of legality. Gabriel addresses subtopics within the topic of marijuana such at the voters’ effects on marijuana (“Pot at the polls”)(“Pot is a winner”), the racism behind the War on Drugs (“Jim Crow’s drug war”), marijuana activists’ growing efforts for legalization (“Seeds of change”), and the confusion of marijuana on a federal level (“Marijuana and fish fries”)(“Don’t be dazed”). Gabriel creates acquiescent arguments with his diction, logic, and a balanced use of reasoning.

Gabriel’s diction contrasts the complex, two-sided arguments in regards to marijuana’s legalization. One side of the argument includes the majority of americans, marijuana activists, and some government officials in favor of marijuana’s legalization. Many people do not realize it, but marijuana has “massive support” (“Don’t be dazed”), and even sometimes “pot is a winner” in states such as Washington and Colorado where responsible adults over the age of 21 can consume cannabis in the privacy of their homes (“Pot is a winner”). When people come to a consensus on any topic, they can achieve any goal they set their minds to. Despite dealing with the taboo topic that is marijuana, when the majority of the populace speak their minds, officials, whether local or national, are forced to see that the people want marijuana to be legalized, even when they, as officials, do not agree with the...
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