Enliglish Civil War

Topics: Charles I of England, English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell Pages: 6 (1818 words) Published: March 17, 2013
English Civil War Project -

contents: ·1 timeline
·2 intro
·3 a map showing were the battle had happened
·4 key battles
·5 causes of civil war
·6 weapons and tatics used

1. English Civil War Timeline:
13th June 1625 King Charles Marries
May 1626 Parliament Dismissed
13th March Parliament Recalled
22nd August 1628 Buckingham Assassinated
March 1629 MPs Arrested
1632 Thomas Wentworth
18 June 1633 King of Scotland
1640 Oliver Cromwell
Nov 1640 Long Parliament
20 May 1641 Wentworth Beheaded
1641 Revolt in Ireland
22 Oct 1641 catholic rebellion in ireland
4 Jan 1642 Charles Arrests five MPs
Jan 1642 Preparations for War
March 1642 Militia Ordinance
22 Aug 1642 Civil War
23 Oct 1642 Battle of Edgehill
Jan 1643 Royalist Victories
1643 Skirmishes and Battles
30 June 1643 Battle of Adwalton Moor
13 July 1643 Battle of Roundaway Down
Aug 1643 Solemn League and Covenant
20 Sept 1643 First Battle of Newbury
June 1644 Battle of Marston Moor
27 October 1644 Second Battle of Newbury
14th June 1645 Battle of Naseby
6th May 1646 Surrender to the Scots
30th January 1647 Charles I Imprisoned
November 1647 Charles Escaped
December 1648 Charles Recaptured
20th January 1649 Trial of King Charles began
30 Jan 1649 Execution-king charles body was buried in st georges chapel, windsor

2. Intro:

My topic is about the key battles that took place during the civil war, weapons and tatics used in the war, and finally, the main causes of civil war. I have decided to pick these topics because i think that they are really intresting, and i like reserching about historical battles that had took place.

3. map of the battles that took place:

4. key battles:
·edgehill 23rd october 1642
·adwalton moor 30th june 1643
·roundaway down 13th july 1643
·first battle of newsbury 20th september 1643
·marston moor 2nd 1644
·second battle of newsbury 27th october 1644
·the battle of naseby 14th 1645

The Battle Of Edgehill:
King Charles marched from shrewsbury to london with his new army, Essex the parliamentary general went out to meet them. Essex were determined to make sure that the king did not reach the capital, they met at Edgehill, a few miles from Banbury. The 2 armies were about the same size-around 14,500. The royal calvary under prince Rupert and lord Wilmot pushed back the wings of the parlianmentry army.

After only 3 hours of fighting neither side was able to make headway, and they broke off as night fell. Essex considered that his army was too badly damaged to carry on the fight the next day, so he retreated with his men back to warwick. Leaving the road clear for charles' soldiers to march on to london

Although neither side at edgehill could claim a decisive victory, the result was that charles 'won' because the road to london was open for him, but charles falied to take advantage of this opportunity. By the time his troops reached Reading, Essex had regained London and charles' troops never again had a chance to capture the capital.

The last battle (naseby) only lasted for 3 hours and in that time most of the cavalier foot soldiers were killed or taken prisoner. The cavaliers also lost all of their artillery and most of their baggage. Charles fled the battlefield as soon as it became clear that he had lost

5. causes of civil war :
relationships :Charles I came to the throne in 1625 after the death of his father, James I. In the first year of his reign, charles married princess Henrientta Maria of France, Parliament disliked this because she was a catholic, in addition, instead of listening to parliament, Charles chose the Duke of Buckingham as his main adviser. Parliament wasnt so keen on Buckingham because they resented his power over the king. In 1623 he had been responsible for taking England to a unsuccessful war with Spain and parliament used...
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