English Speech Year 12 Factory Farming

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Factory farming. Something that is ‘out of sight’ and thus ‘out of mind’ for the majority of the Australian populace. An unnecessary, atrocious treatment of animals. Factory farms are places where animals are reared in the shortest and quickest way possible, before being slaughtered. These farms began with the discovery of vitamins A and D, which could then be added to animal’s foods, meaning they had no need to take in sunlight. The discovery of antibiotics then allowed animals to be kept in an enclosed space, with no risk of disease spreading. And also, the ever growing world provided an increase in the demand of meat, and thus all moral values with any integrity, had to be ignored in order to provide meat in the quickest, completely inhumane manner. Imagine living life, never seeing sunlight, never feeling its warm touch on your skin, never feeling soft green grass under your feet, never smelling the sweet flowers in a garden. Never even knowing what rain, or snow are, never even feeling a cool breeze on a warm summers night. That is what most animals in factory farms must do. And the saddest thing? They never even know any different. Factory farmed animals live miserable lives in intensive confinement, in dark, overcrowded facilities. The animals undergo incredible pain and suffering. They have their genes manipulated and are pumped full of antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals, all to encourage high productivity. The stress from over-crowding causes fighting amongst the animals, and so they are subject to convenient mutilations such as beak searing, tail docking, ear cutting and castration. All procedures are undertaken with no anaesthetic. These animals are not even considered animals. They are simply food production machines. Can we really defend Australia’s simple desire for more meat, when it involves such inhumane treatment of animals? Charlie Arnot, the chief executive of the centre for food integrity in the US, and who wrote an opinion...
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