English Reflection

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Final Reflection
This class has given me the opportunity to not only improve my writing but, also learn a lot about myself as a writer. I had never thought about how I approached the act of writing and what I felt about writing before coming to this class. I always tried my best to follow the guidelines and wrote typical essays with introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. English 1102 gave me the liberty and occasion to understand the purpose of writing and my feelings on writing. I have come to a realization this semester that I dislike academic papers because they restrict my thoughts and creativity. I like writing papers where I can manipulate the structure and confuse the readers. I also like getting emotions out of anyone who reads my writing pieces. My readers can hate my writing, like it, relate to it, or absolutely despise it as long as they feel something towards it. A scientific article rarely gets any emotions out to its readers.

At the beginning of the semester, I didn’t have expectations from this class. I had a problem with having several run-ons in my essay in English 1101. I wanted to change that in this class and I ended up having really choppy sentences with the first essay. Now, I feel like I am in a good place where I don’t have too many run-ons and my sentences aren’t as choppy. When I start typing my essays, I expect them to come out as final drafts in the first trial and that obviously never works out. For this class, I started typing random thoughts on my topic and I would edit them as I went along. The rough draft would be a product of random thoughts jumping around all over the essay. I tried changing that at the end by editing paragraph by paragraph and combining them. I think writing this way works for me because I think of something I might want to put in my essay at random times like at 2 a.m. and I end up quickly typing or writing that thought down.

Before I came to this class, one of my most annoying habits in my...
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