English 205 Reflection

Topics: Critical thinking, Learning, Thought Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Reflection of Critical Thinking

This year in college Studies I focused on the Critical Thinking subjects of Ethical Issues and Communication. Focusing on Ethical Issues and Social Responsibilities forced me to think of the issues at stake in the America and world, also what the consequences of my actions are on society. In order to reflect my learning of this subject I chose two papers which I used as my reflection essay for end of the semester. The first one is titled “Human Rights”. It forced me to look at the history of human rights and how they have been abused in the past or how they might be getting abused today. The second paper I chose to represent Ethical Issues and Social Responsibilities is titled “Power of Communication”. This semester forced me to do tons of research using books from Mesa College, UCSD and SDSU libraries, Journals, Magazines, and the internet. I learned a great deal from researching and writing. Focusing on Critical Thinking helped me to expand my knowledge more effectively and write papers where I reflect my views using the knowledge I have gained through research. The goal of College Studies in Critical Thinking is expressed as “Students will learn various modes of inquiry through interdisciplinary curricula” investigating with open eyes, conceptualizing" in order to become active, self-motivated, and empowered learners in different subjects.” I feel like Critical Thinking Studies really taught me these skills much better.  I no longer read just to get through the reading, but I read the material and reflect on it with what I already know and compare my views to the author’s views to see on what I disagree with and what I agree with. Critical Thinking skills have also allowed me to become a more effective arguer and in debates not just in the class, also in my life. It has taught me to look at other’s views critically and other than insulting them personally but instead find a flaw in their views and use that...
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