English Literature/ the Woman Unknown , Raveendra Nath Tagore

Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Literature Pages: 3 (417 words) Published: March 25, 2013

Rabindranath Tagore

**************************************************************** By P. Baburaj, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of English, Sherubtse college, Bhutan Author of: Language and writing, DSB Publication Thimphu

Communicative English, P. K. Books, Calicut
A perception on Literary Criticism, P.K. Books, Calicut

 First person narrative.
 A 27 year old man namely Anupam who is immersed in Indian tradition and culture.  Exposes the Indian culture of the period, main cultural practices, especially arranged marriage and dowry system.

 Breaking away from the stereotypical role for ones rights with subtlety and understatement.
 Prologue
 Flash back(see bluffing)
 Epilogue
 Understatement
Prologue-The opening section of a work; a kind of introduction which is part of the work and not prefatory.it was common in drama in the 17th and 18th century. Epilogue-Three meanings may be distinguished: a short speech to be delivered at the end of a play. It often makes some graceful and witty comment on what has happened and ask for approval, if not the indulgence, of the audience (b) the end of a fable. Where the moral is pointed(c)the concluding section or paragraph of any literary work, sometimes added a summary, but more often as an afterthought. Theme-The socialtradition like arranged marriages, dowry system and its evil impacts are discussed in the story. Tagore made a social criticism on the institution of marriage and dowry system in Indian society.The writer exposes the vanity and pompousness of Indian marriages.

1. Anupam’s house in Culcatta
2. Kanpur,Kalyan’residence
3. Small portion in the train

Internal conflicts Anupam versus Anupam
 Kalyani versus Kalyani

External conflicts Anupam versus uncle and mother.
 Uncle versus ShambunathBabu/Kalyani.
 Anupam family versus the society.
 Stream of anger versus...
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