About the Costum Marriage in “the Importance of Being Earnest” as Seen in Lady Bracknell’s Time and the Young Generation’s Time (Algy’s, Jack’s, Gwendolen’s, Cecily’s).

Topics: Love, Marriage, Victoria of the United Kingdom Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: April 18, 2011
This drama included to the Victorian plays, that means the play was made in Victorian era. In Victorian era marriage always to be a popular topic to make a plays. Because in Victorian era, marriage was about protecting your resources, and keeping socially. We can see that from Lady Bracknell. If she want her daughter married with someone, she will ask several question that involve with her candidate life. It’s like a police who want to interrogate his suspect. In this play or, film if the sosial referee Lady Bracknell rings her bell. What Lady Bracknell always concern in her mind are class and money.

Lady Bracknell afraid if Jack maybe a butler (like maid) in disguise who will wasting her daughter Gwendolen’s wealth. But after several question her fear about that is gone. Only one that disturb her. It’s about Jack class or status. Because Jack was found in the handbag that entrusted in the cloakroom at Victoria Station and was adopted. After Lady Bracknell hear that she immediately rings her bell that made Jack out of the Gwendolen candidate.

But if we see in the young generation’s time, maybe this marriage is not to be like Lady Bracknell marriage rule. They want to marry because of love. But in here, for Gwendolen and Cecily, they always want to marry with people who has the name “Ernest” because they think the name “Ernest” like have a charm on it. So Jack and Algy change their name into Ernest because they want to Gwendolen and Cecily fallin in love with them. But after they know their candidate name not “Ernest”, they still doubtful to marry. But with Jack’s and Algy’s struggle finally they accept them.
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