English Has Become an Universal Language

Topics: Globalization, Culture, Linguistics Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: December 23, 2012
English has become an universal language. Do you think that the positive effects of this trend outweigh negative effects?

The influence of English as a universal language is a subject matter. People are increasingly concerned about whether the popularity of learning English is a positive trend. As far as i know, its benefits are far more pronounced than its downside.

In economic terms, the prevalence of English creates two benefits. One benefit is that it enables people to explore new business opportunities throughout the world, so their business will flourish. People are increasingly familiar with the international market because they can read books, magazines and reports about other countries, which are normally written in English. In addition, it can improve the efficiency of international trade and facilitate communication among countries. A single language can overcome language differences,so people, such as those working in multinational enterprise, communicate with each other easily.

Meanwhile, a single language is a prerequisite for the diffusion of technology and a deeper understanding of different cultures. Information is intelligible to the world’s audience, because English has gained in popularity. It is, therefore, easier to conduct academic studies among scholars in the world. Besides, people can communicate with each other effectively even though they are from culturally diverse backgrounds. Communities are multicultural, so people can have acquaintance of various cultures.

Despite these benefits, there is no denying that every now and then, using a single language causes an increasing number of people to give up their own language. This phenomenon poses a threat to the survival of some languages and brings about the disappearance of culture diversity.

To summarise, using English as a global language is a positive trend. It serves to bridge various cultures and encourage people to exchange their thoughts. However, it might cause...
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