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  • Published: May 29, 2013
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English essay SPM 2013
There are many schools around the world and every school has a system and law that the students have to follow. All the students have different mentality to think about the school, some of them consider it as second home to learn and the some consider it just as a place to spend time, and they don’t take it seriously. Then to be a good or bad student that is something we can choose by ourselves. And to be a good student there are a lot of qualities we should have.

The most important thing to be a good student is to follow the law of the school as an exterior thing from the class. And being a good student in the class, there is an inferior law that we should follow by our teachers. The first thing we have to do is to respect the time by arriving on time and not leaving early, that’s one of the biggest mistake the students make.

The second quality every student should have is doing homework and all the assignments the teachers give us every class without excuses, because a lot of students always make excuses of not doing their assignments. Besides this the students who responsible, don’t miss their classes for any reason, and they do their assignments at the time,

The third quality every good student should have is to pay attention in the class to the teacher and ask questions if we don’t understand something by considering the teacher one of our friends, and it’s very important for the students to have good self-esteem in the classroom, don’t matter their answers are wrong or right. because some students make a mistake with getting shy of asking questions, and we should stop thinking that if we make a mistakes that’s something wrong. One day I heard a saying that if you learn from your mistakes it’s smart and if you learn from the mistakes of the others it’s WISE.

Lastly, Not all the students are the same, some students need just their teacher’s help, because their...
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