Cause & Effect: Why I Am I a Good Student

Topics: Confidence, English-language films, Integrity Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: May 17, 2012
Why am I a good student? I have been taught my entire life that having strong moral character was the most
imortant things I could have. Also that through hard work and perseverance I could achieve anything I set my
mind to. Finally to be confident, believe in myself, being completely optimistic greeting whatever I face in life with a smile.

My granddaddy was a man who showed his moral character through his common courtesies and bestowed it
onto his entire family. Moral character or integrity is the ability to know the rights and wrongs of myself and
then listening to that voice. The effects of this have shown me that through the common courtesies we show
strangers and family that can define who I am as a person, not only to myself but to the people that I come in
contact with. Through developing my character over the years I have been able to achieve goals and obtain
positions, such as being president of the Junior and Senior classes.

Hard work is something that isn't artificial or that can be bought. Its a very special characteristic that sets people
apart in the respect that it shows who wants to be successful and make a difference and who does not. In being a
good student and role model hard work just comes with it. It requires a lot of time and patience , which isn't
always easy, but required to persevere. Hard work is putting forth the maximum amount of effort needed to ensure
that I do the best that I can do at all times. It also ensures that I obtain all the necessary information to be

Finally Optimism and success takes in how people can still be optimistic despite great devastation and how
ultimately most of our troubles pail in comparison. I believe that in being me being good student I must follow three
steps to self confidence. First, I choose optimism. I believe in my heart of hearts that today will be better than
yesterday and the effect will be...
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