English Essay on the Environment

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  • Published: June 18, 2012
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Karen Coy-Marin
English 101-B01
October 15, 2011
It is common to see advertisements both locally and globally stressing the importance of proper environmental management – preservation and conservation. Imprudent ecological governance has led to the extinction and diminution of several species of wildlife and plants. Mankind's pursuit of industrialization to make work easier, has resulted in the dangerous depletion of the earth's natural resources. Fingers are pointed as the blame is cast on organizations such as church and state. It appears as if humanity has refused to accept that proper environmental management is everyone's duty. Even though mankind was given the mandate to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth (Gen. 1: 28), it is the Christian's responsibility, based on their knowledge of the Word, to preserve and restore the environment through education, change of lifestyle, and working towards better laws and policies to protect the earth.

Environmental appreciation through education is vital, and preservation or restoration is no easy feat. It requires utmost cooperation, determination, and consistency in order to be accomplished. It is important that Christians make a greater effort to be educated as well as to educate others about the need to preserve God's creation. Joining forces with other organizations can result in a more effective way to make this happen. Based on their position of greater knowledge through Scripture, it is their responsibility to be forerunners and persistently spread the word to those who are unenlightened. The Bible states that the earth and all that is within it belongs to God (Ps. 24:1). It also gives information regarding God's commission to mankind to protect it and ensure that it is properly maintained (Gen. 1: 28-29; 2:15). In the same manner in which the importance of salvation is delivered, the message should be proclaimed emphasizing the need for mankind to preserve what God has entrusted to them. The...
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