English Essay Best Age to Marry

Topics: Marriage, 2005 albums, Love Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: November 4, 2012
What is the best age to marry? Give reasons and examples to support your response.

Introduction There is no best age to marry.
Arg.1 Must marry when we meet the good person.
Arg.2 We do not HAVE TO marry. There are other ways to show our love to a person. Conclusion Marry somebody is not something that should be planed.

Some people think the best age to marry is around the age of thirty. To my mind, there is no best age to marry. I cannot think there is a best age to marry, because I do not even think getting married is an obligation. It is not something that* must be done because it is usual. People should marry because they really want it, not because their parents want them to, or not because people do. First of all, the most important is meeting the good person. The one we will enjoy spending our whole life, the one who* will love us forever. It is, at first, difficult to find this special person. Many people think a person is the good one, this is why they marry, but then, after a few years, they separate. There are a lot of people who live this experience. I think it is* sad, but I can understand it is difficult to stay with the same person for the whole life. Before getting married, we must be sure of being with the good person. It is even more complicated to separate if we have children. They should not be exposed to this separation*. Moreover, many of these separations turn bad and the relationships between the children and their parents become complicated. Secondly, to me, being married is not an obligation: we do not have to marry. There are, I am sure, other ways to show our love to a person that are certainly less complicated. Little by little, I* think people will not marry anymore. It is even more true thanks to the PACS, a new way of officialize a relationship. In my opinion, getting married is not something very important. To conclude, I would say that marrying somebody is not something that should be planed; this is why* there is no...
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