Difference between Love and Marriage

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  • Published : October 8, 2010
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Love and Marriage are Separate
Love and marriage are hot topics in all ages, let alone in modern society, for they concern every individual. In recent years, the relationship between them is becoming increasingly complicated. Marriage or love means differently to different people. Some believe that love and marriage are a whole part while others hold the opposite notion. Personally specking, I think that love and marriage are separate and they do not relate to each other so tightly as others think, allowing for the fact that love is not the guarantee of marriage, nor an indispensable part of marriage and marriage is not necessarily the reflection of love. Firstly, happy love does not necessarily lead to happy marriage. When a couple is on a date, they are attracted to each other and passion dominates in their relationship. They only do what they like to do and are not necessary to care about troubles in life. Usually, both of them are willing to do more things for the other’s sake in order to give a good impression. However, once they get married, material life dominates in their relationship, so it is not possible for them to escape trivial matters in life and they have to face so many things to which they paid little attention before, no matter trivial or important, easy or difficult. Faced with so much pressure from life and their own difference of views, the happiness in their date will not continue. Therefore, happy love does not guarantee a happy marriage. Secondly, marriage without love is not necessarily unhappy. For some people, love is not the most important thing they pursue in their life. If a marriage can provide what they really want, whether there is love or not does not count. For instance, if a woman does not believe in love and what she wishes is to have a good material life. Furthermore, if a man gives her such a chance, she can take it as long as she does not hate him, though she does not love him either. After marriage, she can get...
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