English Animal Farm

Topics: Animal Farm, George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Assessment Task 1
Animal Farm Research Project
You will produce an informative website based on five of the following topics: 2 from People
2 from Events and Systems
1 from Extras

People| Events & Systems| Extras|
StalinLeninTrotskyKarl MarxCzar Nicholas the SecondThe BolsheviksThe Decemberists| SocialismDictatorshipFascismDemocracyPropagandaThe October RevolutionThe Decemberists| George Orwell (his life)George Orwell (his works)|

The requirements are that you:
* Describe and summarise historical events and / or people that you have chosen. * Relate it directly to a character or event in the novel Animal Farm. * Explain why you think Orwell chose to represent the event or character in the way he did. How successful do you think it was? What Your Teacher is Expecting:

The website should have 6 separate pages.
The first page is your Home Page which details what the purpose of the website is. It should act much like an introduction to an essay. The other 5 pages will be for the 5 topics you have chosen.

Each page should be a minimum of 200 words long.
You will be assessed on the accuracy and depth of information on your site, the level of personal analysis and the quality of the structure and presentation of the site. Please use in-text citation.

How to construct your website
If you need some help or inspiration, have a look at some of your favourite websites and see how they are laid out and user friendly. Also, check http://www.crosscomm.net/blogs/web-strategy/usability/what-makes-good-website/ for some simple guidelines. To build your site you could use one of these FREE site builders: www.weebly.com

or any that you are aware of.
You will be assessed using the rubric sheet and the specific skills being assessed for this task are: CRITERION A:CONTENT| * Using the terminology you have studied, explore how does Orwell...
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