Animal Farm, A Fairy Tale

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Animal Farm, A Fairy Tale
Do you think that George Orwell compared the animals to the people in Russian History correctly? Orwell did a good job at comparing the animals to the people in the novel “Animal Farm, A Fair Tale. He uses facts about the person to define the animal characters.

Boxer represented the working class because he is a cart-horse. Boxer has incredible strength; he is also dedicated to work. One of Boxer’s mottoes are “I will work harder”. Boxer always thinks that he can work harder and that is what he does. Boxer respect Napoleon, Boxer’s other motto is that “Napoleon is always right”. He thinks that whatever Napoleon says is right just because he is in charge. His loyalty plays a key role in the completion of the windmill.

Clover is the character that represents the working class. Clover is a good-hearted female cart-horse. Boxer isn’t as strong as Boxer, but she is dedicated. Clover isn’t seeing well because she said that “My sight is failing” to Benjamin because she couldn’t see the Seven Commandments. Clover also thinks that they could be treated better. She said “ If I had any picture of the future, it would be a society of animals set free from hunger and whip, all equal, each working according to his capacity, the strong protecting the weak. Clover is intelligent enough to suspect the pigs for violating one or more of the Seven Commandments.

Mollie is the horse that pulls Mr. Jones carriage. Mollie represents the petit bourgeoisie that fled from Russia a few years after the Russian Revolution. Mollie represents the class of people that people who are unwilling to conform to the new regime. Mollie missed sugar cubes because she asked “Will there be sugar cubes after the rebellion”. Mollie missed the sugar cubes Mr. Jones gave her and she also misses the ribbons that he used to put on her heard before the animals ran him out of the barn.

The characters Boxer and Clover represented the working...
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