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Dear Mr. President;
What would happen if we don’t let the citizen of this country participate in there civic duty? “i will tell you” The government would not be in a good state at all because they would make most of the decisions for us sort of like a dictatorship; but they will be force to do this if we do not contribute to our civic duty.

I am writing to you today to propose a decision for you ; I would like you to make a public holiday for Helen Hunt Jackson because of her comminment of standing up for the true natve of this country when they were being mistreated. Maybe if she had not stood up for the Native Americans they would have been a fewer percentage of them today or non at all.

During a lecture at boston she had realize what was going on with the natives. The man who was giving the lecture was  Ponca Chief Standing Bear. During this lecture he was talking bout how their home was being trasfer to a new locationthis home the conditions was not in good state. She really deserves a national holiday because you can imagine if she did not expose what the government at the time was doing what could hav happen to the natives that is why I think she needs a national civil rights holiday. How did she infulennce all this is by writing all these books one of her books talks about indians life at the time and it open a lot of eyes. The name of that book is called In The Name of the Law,

Today we all have a much more greater respect for natives in the country of the U.S , they have more rights and beifits and they deserve it. I as an individual is vmuch more comftable but still molencoly because they had one own all this land and we immigrants came and took it and letf them with a little. I am very thaank for what Helen Hunt Jackson did for the natives I think she deserves a national hoiliday for this

Your Sincerely
Nariin Gopaul

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