Topics: Pride and Prejudice, Verb, Jane Austen Pages: 2 (268 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Characterized by a totalitarian government and dehumanization The Road
American Writer- Cormac Mccarthy
It is a post apocalyptic tale of a dystopia
Characters are not given aname dehumanization.
Themes and Motifs
Death, Survival, Father-Son relationship, Good vs Evil, Humanity, Compassion and Forgiveness, Morality, Spirituality, Objects and Places
The Binoculars, The Cart, The Pistol, The Tarp, The Road, Shoes, The Flare Gun, The Refuge, The Fathers House, The Beach

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Characterized by a totalitarian government and dehumanization The Road

Gerund Phrase- Using verbs ending in ing as a noun
Participle-Using a verb as adj
Infinitive phrase-A verb that can be used as a noun, adj, or adverb. (most begin with a "to") Appositive phrase-A noun or pronoun placed beside another noun or pronoun to identify or describe it __________________________________________________________________________________ Pride and Prejudice

Tapping into Background Knowledge- Romantic novel
Jane Austen has had a huge impact on many ages
Themes-Marriage, money, class, Self knowledge and awareness
Womens roles are writer, governess, and inheritance
Modest gentileman-Sarcastic
Mrs. Bennet- foolish noisy woman whose only goal in life is to get all her daughters married George wickam- Handsome greedy militia officer
Lydia Bennet- youngest of the bennets, Gossipy and immature
Charlette Lucas- Elizabeth's friend
Catherine Bennet- Fouth sister- a lot like Lydia
Lady Catherine Noblewomen
Genre- Comedy of Manners
Highlights the negative qualities of certain characters
Austen's satire
Past tense
Tone: comic, satiric
Impediment to love
Necessity of Good behavior
Unfortunate power of class
Entail is Mr.Collins
Entailed property is entailed by male
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