Topics: Emotional intelligence, Intelligence quotient, Social intelligence Pages: 4 (1420 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Virtual intelligence
(As we move through the network)

Several years ago, specifically in 1996, it appeared a real hit editorial “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman. This book became quickly into a bestseller worldwide.

For those who have not read it basically tell us that it is not just enough to have a high intelligence average (IQ) to have success in life. According to Goleman, there are many factors involved in the fate of people and the emotional intelligence, or how to interact with the world, is one of the most determining factors when we manage our existence in favor or against oneself. Therefore, according to the writer, many people still have a lower IQ are much happier and succeed in a meaningful life, because they have high emotional intelligence and backwards.

Ten years later Goleman also wrote another book, it was not so successful, “Social Intelligence”, which was saying something similar but in the context of society. He says that we are programmed to connect with others and that our relations have a direct impact on our lives, directly influencing our body cells for better and for worse ... it can create bad influences or real diseases. And then: what is the relationship all this with new technologies?

Well, from the point of view of new technologies, there is a certain gap in the study of relationships and especially compared to Goleman studies, the type of "intelligence" that we use in the new communication. Ultimately how we move through this network called the Internet, the network of networks.

Certainly we are seeing a new way of relating in recent years, very different, and it is properly to wonder about some issues. In this investigation I found something on "Psychology in the network" but nothing about the type of intelligence that is used on the Internet. So, this issue is quite interesting. How could we call it? Well as it is clear, as its main feature is the lack of physical contact and is managed through a...
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