England and Country Economy

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Dubai Women’s College English Fatma AL-Taheri

UK Museums and Galleries

The government in UK spends about 220 million pound every year supporting museums and galleries, and similar amount subsidizing the visual and performing arts. I do agree the government in there decision, because this amount, which the government spends on those museums and galleries, will return a benefit to the country.

The main idea, of spending this amount on the museums and galleries is to get the advantage. The advantage is that it will raise the number of tourists, and that is so valuable for the country economy.

First of all, when the number of tourists is rising .that will raise the income of the country and will refresh the economy. However, if the country is not spending the money on maintaining those gallerias and museums, it would not be attractive for the tourists and that will make bad repetition of the country heritage, and the number will decrease. Moreover, the travel agencies won’t be active and busy, the sales will decrease either, and that will affect badly the financial system.

It is well known that the tourism is a very significant factors in the country economy, therefor every government should take care of their heritage which is considered in museums and galleries.

In the end, as I said in the beginning, yes I do agree the government, and I do encourage them, because all of what they are doing, will return the benefit to the country people, and I hope the people of UK could understand the decision of the government.
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