Engineering Aspects in Green Revolution (Abstract))

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Technology has advanced and new patterns of better and much more effective solutions for problems are being implemented. Information Technology (IT) has been a forerunner in this approach and has transformed the whole scenario. IT has also affected the world with its approach into the Green Revolution, that is, better and more sustainable use of resources for agriculture. With the introduction of IT into agriculture the productivity as well as the quality of the harvests can be increased efficiently with the use of the most modern methods for agriculture and hence a subsequent increase in the lifestyles of the farmers and the people related to farming can be done. There is a severe urgency in today’s world for the help and support of Information Technology in every aspects of our life and this requirement is from the root level of our living, which is, from the food we eat. So it is of utmost demand of the hour to incorporate the use of Information Technology so that we can get the most out of the available resources and minimize the labour and cost of production and curb the chances of any losses due to infertility due to inadequate maintenance and lack of knowledge. This paper focuses on the aspects of Information Technology that can be incorporated and can be devised in such a manner so as to help in uplifting and developing better and optimized environmental conditions for agriculture and give a scope for e-powering people who live in rural India as well as those who work for their welfare. The latest developments in IT that facilitate effective IT penetration to rural parts of the world, changing pattern of information requirements & role of IT in green revolution.
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