Dan Barber How I Feel in Love with a Fish

Topics: Agriculture, Industrial agriculture, Intensive farming Pages: 7 (2118 words) Published: February 20, 2013
BELL Laure

Jane WES

Technology Society

10 November 2011

Subject 3:

http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/dan_barber_how_i_fell_in_love_with_a_fish.html -------------------------------------------------

Chicken and bacon that is plumped with water, baby foods with high cereal content, cod stocks in dangerous decline etc. How could you apply Dan Barber’s philosophy to ensure food tastes good, is healthy and there is enough to go around? Identify possible roadblocks as well as positive outcomes. -------------------------------------------------

“For the past 50 years we have been fishing the seas like we clear cut forests” (01:18-01:25, Dan Barber). The world is slowly dying because of individual gluttony and capitalisation. Our economic models are exclusively fuelled through consumption.

This paper will argue that, “Agro business is a business in liquidation, that is eroding the ecological capital that makes that very production possible.” (16:36- 17:00, Dan Barber)

Earth belongs not only to the present but also future generations. We need to plan and preserve our planet for our children, grandchildren and the future of mankind. The paper will firstly focus on the development of Agriculture over the ages. We will then discuss the drawbacks bio agriculture/extensive farming. Finally we will evaluate the positives outcomes of extensive farming and Dan Barbers Philosophy.

From the begging of time the Biosphere: a complex system evaluated to around 33 Billion dollars- developed and evolved in order to sustain life on Earth. As far back as we can record agriculture has always existed. Starting from cave men, humans farmed domesticated species creating food surpluses for consumption. The study of agriculture is known as agricultural science. However since the industrial revolution scientists have been revolutionizing production processes. When they tried to implement their newly designed techniques to the Biosphere, this is when agriculture became harmful for the environment. Scientists tried to modify the flawless millennium old system. Undoubtedly by modifying a perfect system it is very simple to flaw the process.

According to – Bob McTeer, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. “Since 1948, agricultural production has doubled, while total input use, including labor, land and machinery, declined slightly. Technological change is bringing about one of the most dynamic periods in American agriculture. Between 1948 and 1996, agricultural labor productivity increased more than eightfold.”

Productivity has produced eightfold, however this has not benefited society in any way. More people starve today then ever before and the United States obesity rates are the highest worldwide. 74.1% of Americans are overweight or obese. (Weight Network, October 29 2011, www.win.niddk.nih.gov/statistics).

The correlation seems to be evident. Farmers are producing more and more and consequently, Americans are simply eating more and more. As the renowned chef Dan Barber says, “ We produce enough calories to more then feed the world, 1 billion people will go hungry today, more than ever before, because of gross inequalities in distribution not tonnage. (Ted videos, 15:45 -16:00)

The American agricultures business plan is flawed. New and often unethical production methods are justified by world...
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