Enga Culture

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  • Published: October 3, 2011
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Enga Culture
Angela Partin
ANT101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (GSF1134A)
June Maul

Physical Geography
Enga refers to both an ethnic group located in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and the province in which they are the majority ethnic group. Enga is the highest and is the second most rugged province (after Simbu Province) in Papua New Guinea. It covers an area of 12,800 km. Much of the province is at altitudes of over 2000 meters. Lower altitude areas are typically valleys which form the watershed for the two major river systems that drain the province, the Lagaip (which is a tributary of the Fly) and the Lai (which is a tributary of the Sepik). Much of Enga province is mountainous and the climate is cold. Human Geography

The Papua New Guinea census of 2000 lists the population of Enga at 295,031 people, although the accuracy of the cesus is questionable. The provincial capital of Enga is Wabag. The two other main centers of population are Wapenamanda and Laiagam. Porgera, at the western edge of the province, is home to a gold mine operated by Barrick Gold.

Enga is unique among the provinces in Papua New Guinea in that it has only one major linguistic and ethnic group, Enga speakers. Although dialects of the Enga language vary greatly from Laiagam in the west to Wapenamanda in the east, Engans’ shared ethnic identity overshadows the existence of other ethnic groups in the province, such as lpili speakers (around Porgera) and Nete speakers.

Enga comprises of five districts. The districts are Kandep, Kompiam Ambum, Laigap/Pogera, Wabag and Wapenamanda. The province has a total of 14 local governments. Wabag town is the province capital and the seat of Enga Provincial Governement. Culture

Like many other highland Papua New Guineans living west of the Daulo Pass (between Simbu Province and Eastern Highlands Province), the traditional Engan settlement style is that of scattered homesteads dispersed throughout...
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